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The Evolution of Minimalism [Infographics]

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Are you aware of the role that artists like Lichtenstein and Rothko played in the development of the minimalist movement?

The act of cutting back to the core essence of something actually has roots in high art. While the concept definitely draws on tenets Buddhism and has been translated to music, interior design and even a way of life, contemporary art played a role too.

The Minimalist art movement originated in New York City in the 1960s and focuses on materials rather than metaphors, drama or emotion. Everything non-essential is stripped away and the substance of the object is exposed. As the Technological Revolution changed the way of the world, a growing anxiety about the end of craftsmanship and originality emerged resulting in art that had been pared down to the bare bones.

Context will really create an understanding of Minimalist art. The climate and what the artists who pioneered it were exposed to reveal motivation and inspiration. Like many an art movement, minimalism was born out of opposition. Explore both what they opposed and what inspired them below.

33 Minimalist Single Page Website/Portfolio Layouts

This post was written by Taylor. He enjoys wandering museums and writing about what she sees. With a background in Art History and Politics, you can often find her navigating cultural events or obsessively watching the news.

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