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7 Essential Graphic Design Tools For Great Visual Content

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The power stunning visual content cannot be overstated. If you want to meet your online marketing goals, you need to understand that visuals are powerful in capturing your audience’s attention and getting you higher engagement.
People are visual creatures. Images are being leveraged by brands to tell their stories since they convey messages better than plain text. This is one of the reasons why ecommerce brands are now using visual commerce software to feature compelling customer photos.

Visuals, especially when used in the right context, spark conversations. In fact, they positively affect customers’ purchasing decisions. It has been proven that the human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text.
Moreover, a recent study conducted by Microsoft Corp. has shown that individuals lose concentration after 8 seconds. This makes appealing visual content even more important since it does not require a lot of attention to be understood.

Regardless of your online goal, whether it’s increasing your conversions, gaining more followers, or boosting your SEO performance, you need the right graphic design tool to create visual content that your audience will love. Below is a list of tools so you can get started.


More marketers these days are using infographics to represent complex information in a compelling, easier way. Your website visitors are more likely to consume your content and fully understand your data if you include graphic elements.

The best thing about Piktochart is that it features a drag and drop infographic tool with more than 600 unique templates to give you the design you need to get your story across. You can even show your infographics in a slideshow presentation. Piktochart includes maps, icons, photos, and videos to suit your industry.


You don’t have to be a beginner to be able to create vector graphics. If you need a cross-platform graphics editor that will come in handy, Vectr will be your best option. You’ll get crisp and clean graphics, website mockups, and other presentations regardless of the platform you’re using. And what’s even better is that its basic graphics editor comes for free.

Just in case you work hand in hand with a team, you’ll be able to collaborate using Vectr in real-time. You can watch a team member edit your visual content. This streamlines the process of collaboration in graphic design so you can get things done.


Are you having a difficult time learning complex graphic design software? Perhaps you’re not that much of a technical person but have the artistic taste to make your web content stand out. Choose Canva. Whether you need to design a social media post for your social media marketing, or a blog graphic, Canva has got you covered.
To give you more customization options for your branding, you can choose from its unique selection of text, shapes, creative layouts, and other stunning elements. You can even invite up to 10 members for free to collaborate on shared designs and folders.


Trusted by leading brands worldwide, Stencil helps bloggers and marketers create topnotch images in a convenient and easy way. Stencil has been created mainly to help you get more social engagement across social media platforms through its intuitive tools.

To give you more creative freedom, it features over 200 templates, more than 1,900 web fonts, and hundreds of thousands of icons and graphics. Quote images go viral these days and with Stencil, there’s no limit to the number of inspirational quote images you can create. Plus, you’ll be able to preview your masterpiece before it even goes live on social media.


Another great infographic design tool you shouldn’t miss is Easel.ly. Whether you’re a marketer or an executive, Easel.ly streamlines the process of creating infographics with tons of text, image, and design options to choose from. You have the option to create your own content from scratch or select from its ready-made templates which you may also edit along the way.

It features several infographic themes such as crafts, social, venn, and website so you can create the visual content you need regardless of your topic.


Whether you want to touch up your images for your blog posts and brand’s Facebook cover, PicMonkey will help you get the most out of its image editing tools for creative illustrations. You can add filters, premium fonts, and premium effects depending on what you need. If you want creative inspiration to help you with your design projects, PicMonkey will let you get started with its selection of helpful tutorials and cool ideas.
Going beyond online visual content, you’ll be able to pre-design business card, holiday cards, posters, and invitations with PicMonkey.


Working on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, Inkscape is an open source vector graphics manipulation program that helps you create great imagery with ease. It comes with flexible drawing tools, filters and effects, gradient fills, and more. If you need to work on 3D and complex images, you’ll be able to do so with Inkscape. For a free vector program, this tool comes with multiple features that can also be found in Illustrator. It’s a worthy alternative to pricey, high-end programs in the market.

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